Winter Walk on the Northwest Arm

The winter is our quiet time but that doesn’t stop us from exploring, sometimes the cold winter months can offer a different perspective or view.  My wife, Ann, and I decided to visit the “place where time began” known locally as ‘The Dingle’ but officially as Sir Sandford Fleming Park.

This 95 acre park is located along the stunning Northwest Arm of Halifax and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.  It was donated to Halifax in 1908 by Sir Sandford Fleming, creator of universal Standard Time Zones.  The park is part of his original estate and it was his wish to have the Dingle Tower erected to commemorate 150yrs of the establishment of a representative government in Nova Scotia.

I used to visit this area as a young boy and have fond memories of people skating and playing hockey on the ice in the Arm.  Despite our cool winters, we seldom see this anymore and certainly didn’t on this trip.  We did see pans of ice playing host to resting gulls, drifting seaward with the tide. Really quite beautiful and relaxing to watch.

A great way to spend a chilly winter afternoon.

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