What a Year!

Wow, what a year for Blue Diamond Tours!  Not only I have I discovered new places, I’ve made new partnerships and met some wonderful visitors!

I partnered with Van Tours of Nova Scotia who really “took over” the Shore Excursion component of Blue Diamond Tours which has been beneficial to me – it gave me time to create and develop customized, multi-day tours throughout the Maritimes, my specialty and I have to admit, quite my favourite thing to do.

I have travelled along most of the shorelines in Nova Scotia and scenic roads throughout the Province, basked in the glory of PEI and zig-zagged my way through New Brunswick. Each tour has been completely unique and the company I’ve had amazing.  From War Brides to little Max, I have truly enjoyed every excursion and that is thanks to you, my clients.

I feel so privileged to have been able to introduce you to the Maritimes, see things through your eyes and explore your interests.  I do hope you all have fond memories of your time here and I hope to see many of you again.

Thank you for making this such a wonderful year for myself and Blue Diamond Tours.  I’m looking forward to 2017 and where my/your travels will take us.

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