Seriously…the Big Stop?!

As a tour operator, we visit sites numerous times, but no tours are ever alike and we never get tired of seeing our beautiful Province and showing it off to others.  This particular day trip included a very unexpected “site”!

Many people who visit Nova Scotia want to see the World’s Highest Tides, which is fantastic, we have that to offer.  However, Time and Tide wait for no-one and if it means getting up at the crack of dawn to witness low tide, so be it.

In order to see low-tide in Hall’s Harbour, we had to leave Halifax at 6:15am – not your ideal vacation start time!  It was worth it.  We saw the Bay of Fundy empty, in all its muddy glory….but then what to do?  Certainly no attractions were open that early in the morning.  So breakfast, but where?  Where else than the Big Stop in New Minas.  This was certainly a first for me and thoroughly enjoyed by my guests.

By the time breakfast was finished, the world had come to life and we were able to visit Grande Pre before heading back to Hall’s Harbour to view high-tide.

IMG_1299 IMG_1302

I’ve never thought about adding the Big Stop into an itinerary, but judging by how busy it was and how much it was enjoyed, it’s left me with something to think about.

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