Sculpture Garden

We took our grandson, Justin on his annual road trip with us. We were headed to Liverpool to locate a “hidden gem” discovered by my sister- in-law, Barb.  Well, what a treasure trove of a find . It was worth the long drive from Halifax.

This delightful spot is Cosby’s Garden Centre & Greenhouses ( located at 4122 Highway # 3 in Liverpool, NS (map). Behind the greenhouse, you will discover the Sculpture Garden.  You will find the most magical sculptures magnificently displayed throughout the beautifully landscaped property.  And the most surprising aspect is that they are all made of concrete!

Since 1976, Nova Scotia artist, Ivan Higgins has been owner/operator of Cosby’s Garden Centre in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. His natural abilities, knowledge, dedication and artistry have made his landscaping services at Cosby’s a success. The combination of Ivan’s knowledge of plants and his talents as an artist transformed his landscapes into works of art.

What is truly evident however, is his passion for drawing which has made a natural transition from the abstract to the concrete-literally! Working with wire and concrete, he has perfected the technique and as a result has produced amazing sculptures.

Scattered throughout the Cosby’s Garden Centre property many of Ivan’s creations have found a permanent home. Nestled in a bed of heather discover ‘The Enchanting Castle’ (2003). Adorning the front of the property one finds his ‘Mystical Warrior Fountain’ (2006).

At the rear, behind the greenhouses, among the large rocks, hills, and hardwood trees is the Sculpture Garden dedicated to Ivan’s larger and more recent concrete creations. His sculpture ‘Five Capoeira’s’ (2006) are among those most often photographed by visitors to the outdoor gallery.

This “hidden gem” can be included in your tour of the south shore of Nova Scotia. Contact us at Blue Diamond Tours to book your tour today!





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