Returning to the Motherland

Blue Diamond tours are fully customized so no two are ever the same.  Our priority is to show our guests what they want to see and experience while they are visiting our Province.  We recently received a wonderful card which we think highlights exactly what we do.  In the words of Mr. Bridges:

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for showing us so many facets and glories of Nova Scotia:

Acadians, Mi’Kmaw, history, geography, lighthouses, towns, boats, museums, fossils, effect of tides, food, genealogy, 1917, Citadel, art, agriculture & shipbuilding & repair, Leif Erikson, Alexander Graham Bell, Titanic, churches, living village museums, vineyards, cider, covered bridges, UNESCO sites, forts, outsize chairs, pianos & organs (at least one of which I played), birds, herbs, Oreo cows, fall colours, ferries, machinery, old time iron mongers & tin smiths, reversing falls, bagpipes – WOW did we really do all that?!

Yes we did…all in under 10 days!

Check out the slide show with photos courtesy of Mr. Bridges…


This was our “Motherland Tour” but as you can see, we also saw so much more than the itinerary gives.  This trip was truly customized for our guests so they could enjoy their visit to Nova Scotia the way they wanted to, in their time.

I’m glad they enjoyed it…I did too!

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