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Doppelganger and Dahlias

During the busy tourist season, my wife, Ann, often wonders where I am and what I’m up to…a bit of “Where’s Bob?” instead of “Where’s Waldo”.  Although I do try to keep my family informed of my whereabouts, a recent email made them question my Maritime touring and if perhaps, I had moved further afield.  […]

Seriously…the Big Stop?!

As a tour operator, we visit sites numerous times, but no tours are ever alike and we never get tired of seeing our beautiful Province and showing it off to others.  This particular day trip included a very unexpected “site”! Many people who visit Nova Scotia want to see the World’s Highest Tides, which is […]

From Sea to Sky

Based in Halifax, we usually collect our visitors from the airport, cruise ship or hotel, so it was a wonderful treat to collect visitors in Yarmouth.  They chose to travel to Nova Scotia on the The CAT ferry which sails from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, on the South-west tip of the Province. This is the […]

Popular tours this year

Due to our specialty  of customized tours, we seldom do the same tour twice.  However, already this summer, we have seen some repeat tours, not quite exactly the same but very close none-the-less. The Bay of Fundy and its extreme tidal range has been very popular, especially from Hall’s Harbour…that may also have something to do […]

History, Harbours and Bagpipes!

When visiting Halifax, the Citadel is always an obvious choice for a tour and this particular tour was a memorable one.  We arrived in time for the noon gun ceremony which our young, visually impaired client thoroughly enjoyed – especially when the pipes began to play. Being a piper himself, he spent about an hour […]

Who knew?

I recently had the pleasure of touring a wonderful family around our great Province.  During our chats, I discovered they were Jewish so shared a ‘little known’ story with them.  I want to share it with you also.  The following was written by Michael Steinitz in 1998 about a tiny community in Cape Breton called […]

Exploring PEI

Recently, myself, Ann (my wife) and driver Dave and his wife, Martha, hit the road to check out some new tours for 2016. Leaving from Halifax, we headed towards Truro and the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre. The Centre offers an innovative multimedia presentation of the rich history of the Mi’kmaw people, however, today it was […]

Spring Road Trip

What does a tour operator do on a day off? One of his own tours of course! Blue Diamond Tours recently created “Cajun Motherland” single and multi-day trips, so my wife and I decided to leisurely drive the single day trip. A beautiful spring day, high tides forecast…we couldn’t have asked for better weather and […]

Welcome to 2016

WOW, more than 11 days of 2016 have slipped by already.  Bookings are keeping pace with prior years. Today we had a short 2016 planning session, and , good exciting news. We actively developing a series of new excursions.  They will include one day trips plus a couple of over-night excursions too. Highlights items include Food […]

Best Practice Mission

Blue Diamond Tours (really me, Bob) participated in a Best Practice Mission sponsored by TIANS and Tourism Nova Scotia “The mission was to focus on the Atlantic coastline between St. Margaret’s Bay and Shelburne, this mission will provide participants with an inside look at how to develop effective grassroots partnerships and marketable product offerings. Delegates […]

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