Bay of Fundy Shoreline

Many of our tours take us to Hall’s Harbour, it’s a popular place to witness high/low tides, spectacular scenery and of course, lobster.  However, there is another area in Nova Scotia, which offers spectacular views of the Bay of Fundy, scenic sites/sights and awesome food….and begins within an hour of Halifax!

From Halifax, a 45min drive took us to Shubenacadie – an interesting community with Mi’kmaq origins: “The Mi’kmaq spelling, Sipekne’katik, means the area where the wild turnips or wild potatoes grow.”

With Mi’kmaq and Acadian history subtly around, Shubenacadie also boasts to be the “Milk Capital of Canada”!  We had to stop in the Shubenacadie Tin Smith Shop Museum for a quick look around (and also purchase items from its super ‘craft’ gift shop).

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We followed the road along the Shubenacadie River, passing through dots of communities which were once, larger bustling areas.  A quick stop at the South Maitland Interpretive Centre which allowed for a spectacular view over the Bay of Fundy, by way of their boardwalk.  There was another trail leading along the marshes which is known to have superb ‘birding’, perhaps another time.

Maitland is a small community and home to the oldest general store in Canada (circa 1839) and also the home of W. D. Lawrence, who built the largest wooden ship ever to be built in Canada!  The store is still running and the W.D. Lawrence Museum open – this unassuming, sleepy little village, has a big story to tell and more than willing to share!  It also offers absolutely stunning, unparalleled views of the Bay of Fundy!

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Although we didn’t have time on this tour, this area also offers tidal bore rafting and mudsliding – two unique options for those seeking adventure!

The quiet country road took us along the shoreline of the Bay of Fundy which offered spectacular scenery!  We popped into the East Hants Historical Society Museum (super little place… and for Titanic enthusiasts who think they have “seen it all”, think again! This museum houses an embalming table which is believed to have been used for John Jacob Astor – the richest man aboard the Titanic!).

A short distance away is Anthony Provincial Park.  What a story this park had to tell us!  It’s beautiful, scenic…with a replica Atomic Bomb in it!

“The American Navy had been testing bombs in Florida and were using divers to retrieve them from the ocean. This was found to be cumbersome so the Navy searched North America for an alternative. The alternative was the Bay of Fundy. It was chosen because bombs could be dropped during high tide and then retrieved during low tide by driving onto the mud flats. “

There is so much more to this story, but WOW, in our back yard!

Leaving there, we headed to Burncoat Head – Home of the Worlds Highest Tides.

img_1416 img_1417

img_1421 img_1418

Our next stop was Walton, home to “last original lighthouse in Hants County”! What a glorious sight, steeped in so much history and gorgeous scenery.

Following the shoreline along the Bay of Fundy, we ended our trip with a visit to the Flying Apron Inn and Cookery.   This award winning little eatery was a superb way to end our alternative Bay of Fundy Visit!

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So it may not be Hall’s Harbour.  You will not witness high and low tides in a quick excursion.  You will, however, see scenery like no other, learn about little known history, have the opportunity for adventures offered nowhere else in the world and enjoy Hants County Hospitality!

Want to join us next time?

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