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Doppelganger and Dahlias

During the busy tourist season, my wife, Ann, often wonders where I am and what I’m up to…a bit of “Where’s Bob?” instead of “Where’s Waldo”.  Although I do try to keep my family informed of my whereabouts, a recent email made them question my Maritime touring and if perhaps, I had moved further afield.  […]

Seriously…the Big Stop?!

As a tour operator, we visit sites numerous times, but no tours are ever alike and we never get tired of seeing our beautiful Province and showing it off to others.  This particular day trip included a very unexpected “site”! Many people who visit Nova Scotia want to see the World’s Highest Tides, which is […]

Detours and Delays…

Due to our guests’ flight having an unexpected overnight detour and delay in Bangor, Maine, our sightseeing didn’t begin until a day later than expected.  We were however, still able to collect them from the airport and let the exploring begin! Following pick-up from the airport, hotel check-in and settling in, we decided to tour Halifax […]

From Sea to Sky

Based in Halifax, we usually collect our visitors from the airport, cruise ship or hotel, so it was a wonderful treat to collect visitors in Yarmouth.  They chose to travel to Nova Scotia on the The CAT ferry which sails from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, on the South-west tip of the Province. This is the […]

Off the Beaten Path

As a tour operator in Nova Scotia, I take many visitors along the shoreline to Peggy’s Cove and often onto Lunenburg, sometimes stopping at the Swiss Air Memorial or the lovely fishing village of West Dover.  On this particular trip, I decided to wander a little further off the “beaten track” and visit two small […]

Cityscapes and Seascapes

It’s always challenging to show the highlights of Nova Scotia when there is little time to do it.  Customized tours can turn short visits into whirlwind adventures, allowing you to see what you want to see, thus making the best of your time.   This particular tour took us from the cityscape to three distinctly different […]

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